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Latin American modernism and avant-garde literature form the foundation of my on-going investigation into artists books from Latin America. The genre incites questions around production and appropriation, authorized voices, and the materiality of fine press and artists book production. Artists books, as disciplinarily uncomfortable objects, transgress the boundaries between artistic genres due to their multimedia fabrication incorporating sculptural, visual, textual, printed, and performative elements. This liminal status establishes new epistemological constellations across disciplines and challenges recalcitrant systems of ascribed significance employed to separate one genre from another.

My research hones in on how new constellations of meaning are constructed and recombined within the shifting and malleable format of the artists book.

Book artistry represents innovative critical concerns as well as interpretive relationships that necessitate examination of the artists book and a reexamination of the literary canon and visual works with which they interact. This intertwining is what constitutes the corpus of artists books as a field for investigation. In between the covers of artists books an interdisciplinary space emerges where literature, visual art and artistic craft and skill intermingle to create and recreate new and surprising texts.
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