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DUE NOVEMBER 15, 2015 

Posted Notice refers to the ephemeral printed poster and its historical significance as a democratic tool for communication. Nashville has a rich foothold within the history of the Posted Notice, both as an arbiter of poster print style and a bastion in contemporary use of the letterpress printed poster as a cultural and regional icon. This exhibition celebrates the more ephemeral, production based print history of Nashville by encouraging entries that speak to the democratic use of traditional Posted Notices, e.g. posters promoting events, shows, etc.

Contributors must register for the poster show on or before November 15th and mail accepted posters to be received by December 5th. There is a limited amount of space and only the first 30 submissions will be accepted. You will receive a confirmation email no later than November 18th confirming your registration for the Posted Notice show and including further instructions for mailing the poster.

You may register by checking a box on your conference registration form (which will go live September 1) or by emailing Annie Herlocker, Nashville Conference co-host at

The size range for poster and broadside entries is somewhat flexible, but should be within a few inches of a minimum size of 11 x 14 and a maximum size of 14 x 22. No framed or matted work will be accepted. Posters may be printed with any type of mark making tool, though at least one use of letterpress, relief print, lithography, or silkscreen is preferred. Limit one entry per person.

Posters will be exhibited at the Sarratt Gallery at the Vanderbilt University Sarratt Art Studio and will show, tentatively, from January 4th through February 8th, with the open house coinciding with the CBAA member show on January 8th.

Upon deinstallation, the exhibition set will be archived by the Jean and Alexander Heard Library at Vanderbilt University. Please note that registration for the show indicates your willingness to donate your work upon completion of the exhibition. Any posters damaged during shipping will be withdrawn from the show and arrangements will be made to return the poster to the submitter.

Annie Herlocker, CBAA 2016 Conference Co-host and Assistant Director Clarksville
Montgomery County Public Library

For a downloadable version of this call, please click here.

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