Marjorie Devereux

Marjorie Devereux, Corcoran College of Art + Design, Washington, DC

Artists’ books allow me to mix several mediums---
from drawing to print work and collage---into one project; texture, layering, and movement are all valuable qualities that draw me to creating the book works. My architectural studies and work experience allow for me to relate in the construction of a book as a structural form. The experiences one has moving through a space is very similar to the way one experiences a book; sounds, light and darkness, smell, colors and textures are all taken in at once. The personal interaction with a book leaves a stronger sensory impact than simply standing in front of an image. I am a book artist because I feel strongly that the impressions made by various printmaking methods, the inks and paper selected, and the manner in which the story literally unfolds from the book are just as important and the themes and images themselves.


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