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Eileen Wallace


Eileen Wallace is a Lecturer in Printmaking and Book Arts at the University of Georgia where she teaches letterpress printing, papermaking and bookbinding. Prior to her arrival in Athens she worked full-time at
her business, Mile Wide Press, printing commission letterpress jobs and making custom boxes and books.
She also served as caretaker for the archives of Mountain House Press, the private press of Dard Hunter,
noted papermaking scholar and fine press printer. Eileen has taught numerous workshops across the
country, most recently at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in Deer Isle, ME and at Penland School of
Crafts in Penland, NC where she was also an Resident Artist. Eileen is the curator of Masters: Book Arts,
a book featuring the work of over 40 artists considered to be masters of the craft. For 14 years, she served
as a co-director of the Paper & Book Intensive and was recently on the board of Hand Papermaking
Magazine. Eileen holds an MFA in Book Arts and an MLS, both from the University of Alabama.


"When I think of content for my work and what inspires me, I am interested in place and how where we
are from affects what we make and why. I observe, collect, index and record visual images of found objects through printing and books and attempt to connect them to their history and place of discovery through research and documentation. I am interested in fine press printing techniques as well as non-traditional letterpress matrices and alternative type high blocks for innovative printing that expands the traditional letterpress printing vocabulary. I find the most joy in experimenting and problem solving and often find
I am ready to move on to something new once I have something worked out. This may explain why my
work spans multiple medias from paper sculpture to letterpress to bookbinding."

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12” x 2” x 3’ tall

Several thousand sheets of handmade paper are stacked three
feet high, each layer representing a year of alluvial deposits
along the Mississippi River in the Delta region. This area has
some of the richest topsoil in the world, built up over millennia
of flooding and alluvial deposits. The sheets of handmade paper were individually made and dyed with black walnut.  2013

Festina Lente

11” x 14”

Letterpress print from wood type,
lead type, and lead rule. 2015

Untitled 2

9” x 12”

Made in collaboration with Jaydan Moore.
We used my wood veneer process in
combination with his process of using
engraved silver platters, printing these
materials side by side using bright blue
and black. Inspired by ballpoint pen inks,
we included red details printed from steel
wire. Letterpress, 2016.

Line Study

8” x 8”

This print was made by placing 26-gauge steel wire onto a magnetic base for steel backed photopolymer plates. I mapped out the exterior dimension but otherwise the wires were placed freehand and the print was composed while standing at the press. 2016

Untitled Orange

8” x 10”

Letterpress printed from wood veneer. 2016

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