Call for Participation for the Digital Archive/Exhibition of Zines with a Social Conscience:
The College Book Art Association (CBAA) invites you to submit to Rising Together | a Digital Archive/Exhibition of Zines with a Social Conscience, an open digital zine archive/exhibition held from 2017-2021. The purpose of the digital archive is to give CBAA members, and the broader book arts community, a direct way to react and give voice to issues of social justice, power, politics, and environment. The digital archive/exhibition is open to current CBAA members as well as students and colleagues of CBAA members.

For inclusion in the digital (website-based) archive, participants must submit their zine digitally, by the rolling deadlines of September 15,  January 15 and May 15 each year until January 2021. The digital archive will be ongoing throughout 2017-2021, with submissions displayed as received at each rolling deadline.


The zine must be a single sheet, 8.5x11” Eight-Fold format. Please see the links below for specific instructions and a formatting template. Zines may be created or printed with any type of mark making tool (pens, markers, digital typography and illustration, xerox), although the use of letterpress, relief print, lithography, or silkscreen is encouraged. Limit five entries per person.

Once you have completed your zine, please prepare a one or two-page PDF of the design according to the Format Instructions and PDF exporting steps found via the links below. By submitting a digital copy of your work, you are granting CBAA permission to use it freely and at our discretion in marketing materials.


CBAA_ZineArchiveTemplate.psd  (an Adobe Illustrator template is also available, contact us below and we will email it to you).  

Email your submission, one photo of the physical zine, and your signed Participation form to Digital submissions will be posted within two weeks of receipt to


All zines that are formatted properly according to the provided instructions (via the links above) will be posted to the CBAA website as received at each rolling deadline. 

Camden Richards

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