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Stacey Prince

Instagram: @stacey_prince_creative


Stacey Prince investigates fragmented feminine identity, the consequences of power and exploitation of the land and psyche. Stacey is currently writing a master thesis to receive an MFA from the School of Art and Design at San Diego State University. She enjoys being challenged by new methods of experimentation, gaining a critical understanding of historical and contemporary contexts. Working across photography, printmaking, and poetry has allowed her to combine her love of art, science and written word.

Stacey has developed a body of art employing printmaking, photography, and artists’ books. She received the Coordinator Award at the 59th International Exhibition of Photography in Del Mar, CA. Her work was recently on display at the Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her artist’s books are in the permanent collection at San Diego State’s Special Collections & University Archives in San Diego, California and private collectors in Nebraska and Oklahoma.


I explore intersecting fields of art history, ecology and visual culture. My work reveals aspects of the feminine core—its physicality, emotional complexity, strength and vulnerability, and unique place in humanity.

There is an ongoing dialogue between the female body and the landscape regarding presence, absence, exploitation and collective memory of legacies that refuse to be silenced or erased. As I photograph my surroundings, I dig into the past, the earth and my psyche. The examination of my own history is a process of discovery; excavating experiences of identity, female perspective, memories of domestic partner violence and psychological smothering. In nature, humans are also erasing geographic “identities” through excessive development, “manifest destiny,” and lack of concern for ecological issues.

My work is often layered with multiple exposures and metaphors giving the viewer an insight to assembled elements of life. For my prints and artist’s books, I combine my knowledge of silver photography with traditional processes, such as Van Dyke brown, Photopolymer gravure, printmaking, and letterpress-printed type.


Project Descriptions

The Place (2019)

Image size: 7”x5”
bound 11”x9”
Polymer photo gravure, Chine-collé on cotton paper,
bound in Vellum
This edition is limited to 3 copies, each signed and numbered

Project Description: This book is a response to the #metoo movement and our relationship to our environment. I examine how ecological grief and psychological traumas are connected. The images are multiple exposures of the body and land. The book is bound in vellum that contains natural hairs, stains and tears.

Origins and Endings (2019)

Image size- (various) 2 ¾”x 3 ¾”
Closed 9”x10”, Leporello opens to 6’
Copper plate intaglio, various etchings, Charbonnel etching ink,
]on Somerset paper
]This edition is limited to 2 copies, signed and numbered
]Various artist book folios available.

Project Description: Origins and Endings is based on memory of the land that I was raised on. When making the copper plates I chose to reveal and conceal specific areas during the extreme long etching process. I wanted to mimic what is happening to our land after it is altered from years of hydraulic fracturing and toxins released back into the ground and waterways. While making the plates I realized I was visualizing the land perhaps from my deceased grandmother's perspective. She often viewed the world from a window seat while living in her farmhouse. The imagined images are of the rural Oklahoma landscapes. I chose the leporello structure to mimic a horizonal perspective. The 28 images are small, requiring the viewer to observe at a close distance.

Unearth (2017)

Image size- 2 ¾”x 3 ¾”
bound- 9 ½”x 10” opens to 3 ½’
Double sided Leporello artist book
Multiple plate intaglio etchings, Photo-polymer gravure,
Intaglio ink. Printed on Rives, bound in papyrus on board with acrylic mixed media inlay.
This edition is limited to one copy.

Project Description: This project was the beginning of my research into the environmental degradation of Earth. I examined ways that we exhaust our world’s natural resources, specifically land, water and soil. I imagined our ecosystem going through a period of changes when hydraulic fracturing takes place. I created both intaglio etchings and photo-polymer gravures for each image. I often combined the plates and printed multiple plates on top of one another. The research was based on an early 1900’s oil and natural gas book and memories of the Midwest and Southwest landscape.

Unspoken (2017)

Book dimension: 8”x9”
Salt print, scratched negative, bound in paste paper on board
This edition is limited to 4 copies, each signed and numbered.

Project Description: The images are both self-portrait and images of a model that I have three year working relationship with. The words are scratched into the transparency and placed over the (salt) Van Dyke brown emulsion. The “Unspoken” words are the words people used when attempting to tell them about an abusive partner. I want this project to give voice to those who are not heard.

Here I Lay-Here I Lie (2016)

Book dimension: 8”x9”
Image shown: 5 ¼” x 7 ¾”, Book dimensions: 10 ¼” x 13”
Photopolymer gravure, hand-set letterpress type printed on Rives cotton paper, artist book bound in cotton marbled paper. Prose written by the artist.

Project Description: Here I Lay-Here I Lie reveals aspects of the feminine core - its physicality, emotional complexity, strength and vulnerability. The prose examines the fragmented psyche after a disaster and the resilience to overcome traumatic events.

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