The collaborative project, Vista Sans wood type between CBAA member, Tricia Treacy and Ashley John Pigford utilizes modern technology to create letterpress wood type in an exploration of contemporary methods of typographic design, letterpress printing and book arts. Treacy and Pigford aim to explore the following: how contemporary typefaces can operate within historic printing processes, collaborative experimental printmaking processes, the conceptual nature of the successes and failures of computer and wood technologies. They are currently creating two sets of 432 point wood font of the Emigre typeface Vista Sans, designed by Xavier Dupre. The final goal is an exhibition of collaborative experimental prints and an artist book in 2012.


TRICIA TREACY, (www. uses a combination of digital and analog methods in her work. She is a book artist, graphic designer, and printmaker, experimenting with new forms of media to execute her ideas. Currently, a lecturer in fine arts at Penn Design at the University of Pennsylvania, teaching graphic design, book arts and printmaking. She has shown her work nationally and internationally, and her books are in collections throughout the country. Her collaborator, Ashley John Pigford ( is an artist, designer, musician and educator who works across a wide range of media including kinetic sculpture, interactive installation, performance and print. He is an Assistant Professor of Visual Communications, in the Department of Art, at the University of Delaware as where he teaches graphic design and typography.

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