A Note from Sarah...

Dear CBAA Members!

Happy New Year! We hope you will consider joining us for our first in-person Annual Meeting since the pandemic. We acknowledge the reservations some people have about Florida, given recent legislative actions. However, we want to emphasize that Governor DeSantis does not speak for all Floridians. We, as an organization, vehemently oppose measures like the HB 1069 Bill and firmly stand against censorship. Our commitment is unwavering in supporting BIPOC communities, advocating for inclusive education, and safeguarding the rights of our trans and queer members.

We respect each CBAA member's autonomy to decide on travel plans. However, we invite you to reconsider joining us in Winter Park, FL, a predominantly democratic area. It's an opportunity to witness firsthand the positive impact we strive to create, championing diversity, inclusion, and education.

As part of our commitment to Winter Park's community, we've highlighted some local businesses that align with our values of promoting reading, safe spaces, and inclusion. These establishments contribute to the cultural fabric of Winter Park and are listed on the CBAA website here.

We believe in fostering meaningful connections, understanding, and compassion. Join us in Winter Park to be part of a community dedicated to progress, diversity, and education. Looking forward to seeing you at the 2024 CBAA Annual Meeting!

Warm regards,

Sarah Matthews
President of CBAA

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