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Casey Gardner


Casey Gardner is a printmaker and book artist living in Berkeley, CA. She grew up in Aspen Colorado where there were plenty of bookstores, mountains and starry skies to explore. After graduating from CU Boulder, she worked in journalism and ski racing before moving to the Bay Area. She received a BFA in Printmaking and Graphic Design from California College of the Arts. At CCA she was fortunate to have such teachers as Betsy Davids, Macy Chadwick, Julie Chen, Emily McVarish, Alisa Golden and the fabulous, Nance O’Banion. Her multilayered narratives explore the intersection of scientific understanding and human meaning. She writes, draws, prints and binds her own work with Set in Motion Press.


I came to book art as a life-long lover of books and words. As an artist, I am inspired by the limitless possibilities in the motion and stillness of pages. In creating work, I imagine a person holding the book, turning pages, looking, and finding their way; in this interaction, both the body and the mind are involved. I like having a few narratives moving through the pages to offer the reader alternative paths for traveling through the book.

In my work, I am interested in how energy becomes matter and matter becomes energy. At a practical level, this can be creating something with our minds and hands or, conceptually, it can encompass the realms of physics and cosmology. In this world of ideas and stories, my hope is to convey some wonder about the nature of life.


The Gravity Series, 2017

The Gravity Series, the book How to Fall

Infinite Archives and Multiverse Baedekers, 2017

HereSay, made in collaboration with Nance O’Banion, 2012

Threshold, 2012

Cartographical Incantations, 2015

Matter, Antimatter, and So Forth, 2013

Body of Inquiry, 2011

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