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Benjamin D. Rinehart


As an artist, I specialize in multimedia images with a strong focus in printmaking and book construction. My socially charged work is currently a part of 61 public collections and has been exhibited both nationally and internationally. This has given my work a platform to educate, provide research opportunities for visual work, and a continued legacy for many years to come. I have had a total of 19 solo exhibitions and participated in 142 group shows. I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Herron School of Art in Indianapolis, IN and a Master of Fine Arts from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, LA. I am currently an Associate Professor of Printmaking and Artist Books at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin. I continue to lecture and teach as a visiting artist at various institutions around the country like the Rollins College, The University of Texas – Arlington, Millsaps College, Murray State University, and Millikin University to name a few. I also teach workshops at places like the Center for Book Arts in NYC, the Minnesota Center for Book Arts, and the John Michael Kohler Art Center. I am the author of a book titled, "Creating Books & Boxes" and have published several articles for “Bound & Lettered,” “Graphic Impressions,” and “TOP Printmaking”. For examples of my work visit


My images depict an autobiographical narrative critiquing relationships between people and personal identity. More specifically as a member of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender or Questioning (LGBTQ) community, I use personal experience to raise awareness and speak about issues affecting under-represented and marginalized people. Each piece is an expression of intimacy and is intended to have numerous readings beyond the initial view. My artwork is designed to communicate and help others by providing new insight into universal experiences, contributing to a wider dialog and forming a stronger sense of community and family.

The personal memories I incorporate directly relate to family, relationships, children, and parenting. I attempt to raise questions about love, insecurities, social injustices, and values in contemporary society. Raising two children with my male counterpart affords me the opportunity to revisit my childhood, acknowledge my evolving identity, and determine my role going forward in society. Physical and mental images are invoked to explore an autobiographical narrative through printmaking and book arts. I direct the viewer’s experience with tactile, visual, emotional, and psychological responses. Bitter and sweet colors bring the audience into playful surroundings while dense layers emulate a thick skin suggesting strength and resilience.


Project Descriptions

Name: Benjamin D. Rinehart
Title/Year: “Team Ramey” 2015
Medium: pressure print, letterpress, laser copy, archival pigment print, embroidery thread, mylar, acetate, and vellum
Size: 10” x 10” x 2.5” (closed), 20" x 10" x 9.75" (open)
Image Description: The narrative in this book explores the dynamics and ramifications of having a baby through surrogacy. It began as an innocent conversation with a friend. Despite having had a child before through adoption, we weren’t prepared for the myriad of new issues in regards to conception, doctor’s visits, the birth, legal challenges, and navigating an extended family. The playful pop-up construction methods serve as a device to lure the audience into more complex adult issues.

Many thanks to our amazing friend and surrogate Angela for helping us expand our family. I dedicate this book to my Ramalicious, Ramey Astor.

Name: Benjamin D. Rinehart
Title/Year: “The Boys & Bubs #1: Daddy & Papa” 2016
Medium: archival pigment, pressure print, and hand stamping bound as a soft-cover perfect bound lift-the-flap book
Size: 9” x 9” x .5125” (closed), 18” x 9” x 6” (open)
Image Description: This lift-the-flap book details the journey of two individuals who met in New York City and eventually moved to Appleton, Wisconsin to start a family.

Each page has multiple tabs that reveal the narrative.

Name: Benjamin D. Rinehart
Title/Year: “The Boys & Bubs #3: Nun-ya” 2017
Medium: archival pigment print & silkscreen
Size: 9" x 9" x .375" (closed), 9" x 34.5" x .375" (open)
Image Description: It’s not uncommon for strangers to approach my family to better understand the “situation”. Being a same-sex couple and having children often prompts unsolicited comments or questions like “Isn’t that nice that the mom’s had the day off.” or “Where did you get them?”. We typically filed this under the category of “none of your business” or “nun-ya” for short.

Despite the educational value of this type of exchange, some people persist with deeply personal questions as to how the boys came into our lives, parental roles, and other aspects of our family life. Because of the frequency of these questions we realize the desperate need for education on alternative family structures.

When approaching a stranger with questions in mind, ask yourself “Would I feel comfortable if someone asked me that?” This is not an opportunity to satiate your curiosity, talk through personal feelings, experiences or opinions. Is it appropriate to engage someone who already feels marginalized? When in doubt, wait.

Name: Benjamin D. Rinehart
Title/Year: “The Boys & Bubs #6: Color is for Everyone” 2015
Medium: archival pigment print, colored pencils in a drop spine box with divider
Size: 9" x 9" x .75" (closed), 19" x 9" x .75 (open)
Image Description: The viewer is encouraged to question color relationships and how it affects gender association. Society and cultural beliefs often dictate the hues that are “acceptable” and how it relates to a specific gender. Historically this changes over time, especially with variations of primary colors like blue and red.

Each page can be torn out and should only be colored with the pencils provided.

Name: Benjamin D. Rinehart
Title/Year: “The Boys & Bubs #8: Seasons of Change” 2016
Medium: pressure print, reductive woodcut, and archival pigment prints bound as a tunnel book
Size: 9” x 9” x .5” (closed), 9” x 9” x 9” (open)
Image Description: The USA offers a diverse range of scenery and opportunities with the change of the seasons. Swimming, climbing trees, playgrounds, gardening, riding bikes, bon fires, pumpkin and apple picking, sledding, and snow ball fights are just a few things that come to mind. My family is no different than many others when it comes to enjoying the great outdoors.

Name: Benjamin D. Rinehart
Title/Year: “The Boys & Bubs #9: Toys=Fun” 2015
Medium: reductive woodcut and archival pigment prints bound as a slide-o-matic book
Size: 9" x 9" x .375" (closed), 18" x 9" x 8.5" (open)
Image Description: I worked at a toy store for years and was required to test all of the new toys to better serve the customers. Since then I strongly believe that every child should have access to a variety of toys free from ridicule because of bias, stereotype and/or intended audience. Let a boy wear a dress and carry a doll or a girl play with superhero Legos while wielding a sword. The most important thing is to be creative, play, and have fun!

Name: Benjamin D. Rinehart
Title/Year: “The Boys & Bubs #10: The Bees Knees” 2019
Medium: archival pigment prints with sliding
Size: 9" x 9" x .75" (closed), 18" x 15" x .75 (open)
Image Description: Cooking for others gives me great joy. It is especially rewarding when I see smiles on everyone’s faces. I often tell the kids that there always needs to be a little love in each dish or else it doesn’t taste as good. For our family, food transcends social and cultural barriers, and gives us a chance to share a part of ourselves when we have guests at the dinner table.

The recipes throughout this book are family favorites and tested on multiple audiences. Lift the tab on each page to reveal the recipe and join us for something tasty.

Name: Benjamin D. Rinehart
Title/Year: “The Boys & Bubs #11: The Wig Master” 2016
Medium: lithograph, pressure print, and archival pigment prints bound as a box with hinged doors and magnets
Size: 9" x 9" x .75" (closed), 17" x 9" x .75 (open)
Image Description: Gender fluidity and freedom of personal expression are important credos in our household. The idea of changing one’s outward appearance with the ease of taking on or off a wig is enticing and fun. Styling and wearing wigs are a normal part of our kids’ world because of Joshua’s profession as a wig master. This has given our kids a chance to experience a variety of styles that cross gender in appearance.

The magnetic wigs are reminiscent of iconic figurative refrigerator magnets; like the statue of David dressed like Marilyn Monroe. Opportunities to switch one’s outward appearance are socially restrictive and often limited to holidays or masquerades.

Whenever and however you choose to express yourself, embrace it!

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