Dear CBAA,

I woke up this morning feeling troubled about the news of another mass shooting in Monterrey Park, California. It has only been 24 days in the year 2023, and there have already been 39 mass shootings in the US.

When I watched the video of George Floyd's murder, I saw my father, husband, brothers, and cousins in his face. I also saw my grandparents in the faces of the victims at the Tops grocery store in Buffalo. I saw my children in the faces of the victims at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde. I saw my friends in the faces of the victims at Club Q in Colorado Springs. And I saw my aunt and cousins in the faces of the victims at the Star Ballroom Dance Studio in Monterrey Park where people were celebrating the Lunar New Year.

Writing and posting a statement of solidarity for the victims and the families affected by the tragedies that keep happening is not enough anymore. We need to put our words into action and galvanize a movement together. We can take inspiration from the Montgomery Bus Boycotts. From December 5, 1955, to December 20, 1956, a community of African Americans demonstrated the power of mobilization, patience, and perseverance. We are creative people and can use our creativity as our superpower in a movement toward change. It must happen now, and it will take all of us working together.

I am starting the RISE UP Task Force today to put our words into action. We will have monthly meetings to mobilize our communities and share our voices by using our creativity. We will post and share what we make using the hashtag #riseupCBAA. Let’s do this together in unity.

Join now.

Sarah Matthews
President of CBAA

CBAA Change of Date for Conferences/Meetings/Symposiums

“To enjoy warmer weather together and avoid scheduling conflicts amongst organizations, CBAA will convene all future symposia, meetings and conferences in early June. We hope this change from our traditional gatherings in early January will make travel easier and the holiday season longer for our members. Please reach out to with any questions about the change.”

Save the Dates:

June 2–3, 2023: Virtual Symposium “Lessons from Lockdown: Rethinking Book Art Education” 

June 7–8, 2024: In-Person Meeting & Members Exhibition at Rollins College, Winter Park, Florida 

June 2025: In-Person Conference at University of Wisconsin, Madison 

2023 CBAA Virtual Symposium: June 2–3

Lessons from Lockdown: Rethinking Book Art Education

The 2023 CBAA virtual symposium encourages members to share experiences and resources from their online adaptations to book art education over the past few years. The pandemic forced radical rethinking about curriculum, participant engagement and methods of delivery. This led to rapid developments in the way book art is taught, learned, and experienced.

Call for Proposals

Symposium Schedule

Keynote Speakers

CBAA Name Update


We are pleased to announce that the College Book Art Association will be renamed CBAA. CBAA’s brand identity and website will be updated shortly to reflect this name change. We will continue to support Book Art initiatives in academia while expanding our support to all book artists. This change will allow us to be more inclusive and fully represent the community we serve. 

We hope you have been enjoying the Book Art Lecture Series that started via Zoom in September 2022. Our next presentation will be on Saturday, December 10 th at 1 PM EST with Hinda Mandell. Registration Link: Stay tuned for additional programming in the new year to keep your book art passion going strong.

Thank you for supporting CBAA and Happy Holidays!


Sarah Matthews


President of CBAA


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