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We are looking to fill the following vacancies:

  • Development, Chair
  • Communications Committee, Vice Chair for Member Relations
  • Nominations and Membership Committee, Members

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Member Support Grants are open for Proposals!

CBAA Member Support Grants provide members with financial assistance in support of studio practice, ongoing research, and creative projects.

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2024 CBAA Annual Meeting at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida
June 7–8, 2024

Critical Reading: Book Art in Dialogue with the Collection

Co-hosts: Prof. Rachel Simmons (Rollins College), Prof. Ben Rinehart (Lawrence University)

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2024 Board Slate

The CBAA Nominations + Membership Committee is pleased to announce that the current Board of Directors has voted to support, and thus finalize, the following 2024 board slate. The membership has 30 days to notify the Nominations + Membership Committee of any additional nominations (The committee shall make up to four (4) additional nominations at the request of at least two (2) percent of the membership for any single nominee in descending numerical order above the minimum needed). Please contact the committee at kbaldner@iupui.edu

2024 Board of Directors Slate  (Board Approved)

Renewing Board Members

  • President - Sarah Matthews (continuing until 2025)
  • Executive Vice President - Kerry McAleer-Keeler (continuing until 2025)
  • Vice President for Membership - Angie Dell (continuing until 2025)
  • Vice President for Programming - Julie Chen (continuing until 2025)
  • Secretary - Shira Eller (continuing until 2025)

Board of Directors:

  • Sarah Bryant, Vice Chair for Travel Grants (continuing until 2025) 
  • Rachel Simmons, Vice Chair for Meetings (continuing until 2025)
  • AB Gorham, Publications Chair (continuing until 2025)
  • Virginia Green, Communications Chair (continuing until 2025)
  • Amy Thompson, Awards Chair (continuing until 2025)
  • Meri Page, Vice Chair for Public Relations (continuing until 2025)
  • Anika Schneider, Vice Chair for Programs (continuing until 2025)
  • Kyle Holland (continuing until 2025)
  • Sylvia Miller (continuing until 2025)
  • Heather Kohlmeier (continuing until 2025)
  • Suzanne Powney (continuing until 2025)


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