CBAA Invites you to the Book Arts Series presentation on Saturday, December 10!

Date: Saturday, December 10 at 1PM EST

Moderator: Kerry McAleer-Keeler

Title: From parking lot to the pretty page: Transforming activism IRL to a visual book

Presenter: Hinda Mandell

Description: Mandell will discuss why an artist book fittingly serves as a physical legacy to preserve less-tangible activist work. The artist book at the center of this talk, “The Yarn Must Live: A Polemic on a Pandemic and Public Art,” acknowledges historic erasure of the 19th-century social-reform group, The Rochester Ladies’ Anti-Slavery Sewing Society, and the progressive work they engaged in at Corinthian Hall, which first fell victim to a fire and then urban renewal. Today, the former site of Corinthian Hall exists as a parking lot to a Holiday Inn located in the heart of the city’s financial and legal district. Starting in 1862, and until the American Civil War, the “Rochester Ladies” hosted annual fundraising bazaars at Corinthian Hall during the winter holiday season to showcase the handcraft of international abolitionists in support of the famed abolitionist Frederick Douglass, who was the primary recipient of the Rochester Ladies’ social-reform commitments. This book chronicles a large-scale yarn installation I oversaw at the former location of Corinthian Hall – a reformist gathering and lecture space. “The Yarn Must Live” was published in April 2020 through a virtual artist residency at Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. By showcasing an artist book not only as a beautiful object but also as a physical platform and a visual catalogue for activist work that is easily disseminated in In Real Life social networks, we can better understand – and reconfigure – this medium in service to activist efforts.

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2023 CBAA Board of Directors Slate

The CBAA Nominations + Membership Committee is pleased to announce that the current Board of Directors has voted to support, and thus finalize, the following 2023 board slate. The membership has 30 days to notify the Nominations + Membership Committee of any additional nominations (The committee shall make up to four (4) additional nominations at the request of at least two (2) percent of the membership for any single nominee in descending numerical order above the minimum needed). Please contact the committee at

2023 Board of Directors Slate (Board Approved)

New Board Members

  • Anika Schneider BIO, Minnesota Center for Book Arts, Minneapolis, MN -- 2023–2025
  • Meri Page BIO, Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York -- 2023–2025
  • Sylvia Miller BIO, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina -- 2023–2025
  • Heather Kohlmeier BIO, University of Wisconsin, Madison -- 2023–2025

Renewing Board Members

  • President - 2022-2024: Sarah Matthews, Maryland Institute College of Art and Pyramid Atlantic 
  • Executive Vice President - 2022-2024: Kerry McAleer-Keeler, George Washington University 
  • Vice President for Membership - 2022-2024: Angie Dell, Independent 
  • Secretary - 2022-2024: Shira Eller, George Washington University 
  • Development Chair - 2022-2024: Cynthia Nourse Thompson, Kennesaw State University 
  • Vice Chair for Member Support Grants, Mid/Southeast Region Leader - 2022-2024: Sarah Bryant, University of Alabama 
  • Vice President for Programming: Julie Chen (on slate for 2023) 
  • Heather Green, Arizona State University 2022–2024 — Arizona Statutory Agent 
  • Virginia Green, Baylor University, 2022–2024 — Communications Chair 
  • Kyle Holland, University of Alabama, 2022–2023 
  • Emily Larned, University of Connecticut, 2022–2024 — Website Redesign Task Force Chair 
  • Amy Thompson, University of Utah, 2022–2024 — Awards Chair 
  • Suzanne Powney, Mississippi State University, 2021–2023 — Treasurer, Vice Chair for Travel Grants

Renewing New Members

  • Julie Chen BIO, University of Wisconsin, Madison — 2023–2025
  • Rachel Simmons BIO, Rollins College, Winter Park, Florida — 2023 - 2025

Call to Action for Ukraine

We're initiating a call to action around what is happening in Ukraine. If you are working on art that expresses your feelings and thoughts about the conflict, please use the hashtag #bookartforukraine so we can find you and share your work. Also, we encourage you to donate to the charity of your choice.


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