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Harry Reese and Sandra Liddell Reese


Harry Reese established Turkey Press in 1974, when he was a graduate student in Creative Writing at Brown University. In Fall 1975, he relocated to Berkeley, California, and soon met Sandra Liddell Paulson. In 1977, they moved from Berkeley to Isla Vista – adjacent to the University of California, Santa Barbara. They were married that year and Sandra became a full working partner at Turkey Press.Initially, a publisher of poetry books in small press limited editions, Turkey Press started small and got smaller, as its proprietors learned how art fit into and shaped their own lives. During the past forty years their work has orbited around the imaginative possibilities of the form of the book as a vehicle and container of thought, image and aesthetic presentation. The selection of the texts and collaborators for their projects can be traced to significant relationships with poets, artists, friends, and each other.  In 1990, they created a second imprint, Edition Reese, to allow for more eccentric individual and collaborative projects, primarily artist’s books that provide them opportunities to explore the varieties of technologies available to artists today. 

Harry Reese is a Professor in the Department of Art, and co-directs the Book Arts program in the College of Creative Studies, at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where he began teaching in 1978. Since the late 1970s, Sandra Liddell Reese has devoted her full time and attention to printing, binding, and artist book projects of the press. Together and separately they have given over two hundred different lectures, presentations, panel discussions, and studio demonstrations at a variety of public and private art, literary and civic venues around the country and abroad.


Harry Reese, 33 1/3: Off the Record. 

Edition Reese, 2015

Images and poetic concept by Harry Reese. Binding by Sandra Liddell Reese


Jean Pierre Hébert, In Visible Cities. Edition Reese, 2012

Images and poetic concept by Jean-Pierre Hébert. Production and binding by Sandra Liddell Reese.

Michael Hannon, The Sea Gazer. Turkey Press, 2007

Images by Harry Reese. Production and binding by Sandra Liddell Reese.

Jonathan Williams, Kinnikinnick Brand Kickapoo Joy-Juice. Turkey Press, 2004

Images by John Furnival and Sandra Liddell Reese. Production and binding by Sandra Liddell Reese.

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