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Katie Baldwin


Katie Baldwin is a printmaker and book artist living in Huntsville, AL. She has traveled internationally as an artist in residence. She was one of seven international artists selected in 2004 to learn traditional Japanese woodblock printing (mokuhanga) from master carvers and printers at the Nagasawa Residency on Awaji Island, Japan. Under Queen Anne’s Revenge Press, Baldwin produces artist’s books and woodblock prints. She has exhibited extensively, most recently at Gedai University in Tokyo, Japan, The Ice Box in Philadelphia and the San Francisco Center for the Book. Her work can be found in collections including the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. She has received grant funding through several organizations, including the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts and the Independence Foundation Fellowship in the Arts. Baldwin received her MFA from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. She served as the Victor Hammer Fellow at Wells College from 2011-2013 and is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Alabama Huntsville.


My work and research investigates text, image, and the way in which narratives are built. My interest in language as text begins with the development of writing, the invention of the printed word, and the mechanization of typesetting in printing multiples. The ability to write and ultimately to print, allowed people to record their thoughts outside of their own heads—to put thoughts down on paper to be retrieved later. And yet today, our writing has become increasingly ephemeral. In my work, thoughts of the characters are revealed as printed words. I use the process of monotype casting and hand set letterpress printing. My use of obsolete processes for printing text is driven by the contrast between the physical limitations of a job case and the infinite possibilities of arranging letters to make words, words to make sentences, sentences to tell stories. My process is a physical reminder of limitations, while serving as a direct response to the tactile act of making things. I am interested in making work by hand: blocks are carved, inked up and hand-pulled. My images utilize a compositional structure such as inverted point of view, as well as defiance of scale, proportions and time. In this way, the work challenges the unity of time by showing several moments at once. I reveal the interior and exterior of both man-made and natural environments. Mountains, rivers, cages, or bridges become the manufactured stages on which complex narratives play out.


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